“Play is the only way the highest intelligence of humankind can unfold.” -Joseph Chilton Pearce

It’s no surprise that the concept of ‘play’ has at last been understood by mainstream planners and educators, to possibly be the most important activity in a child’s upbringing.

Play matters tremendously for a child's physical, emotional, cognitive, creative, and social development.

I have been an advocate of play since discovering how much easier it is to learn and hone skills when its fun to do so, or when you turn a mission into a game. I have also discovered how rewarding it is, as an adult, to learn from the young & take onboard the changes that will make the future, while respecting our past.

Since the late 90’s I have worked with professional artists, technologists and educators to develop exciting activities with play at its heart. At Jellytree we have an exclusive range of play based workshops that morph with the needs and abilities of our participants.  

In 2004 we created our first Animation with pupils from George Abbot School, in Guildford. Now , 17 years later, we have launched our new  solar powered POP-UP Studio, that can be hired for outside events and private parties.

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Craig Hills